Football is a sport played in Canada in which two teams of 12 players compete for territorial control of a field 110 yards long and 65 yards wide, with a pointed elliptical shape. She tries to move the ball forward. Opposing team’s scoring area. Canada Football History.

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In Canada, the term “football” refers to Canadian football and American football collectively. Outside of Canada, the term Canadian football is use exclusively to describe the sport, even in the United States.

Canadian Football League (CFL)

Rugby football originated in Canada in the early 1860s, and over time, the game became known as Canadian football. The Canadian Football League (CFL), the sport’s top professional league, and Football Canada.

The CFL is the most popular football league in Canada. Its championship game, the Gray Cup, is one of Canada’s largest sports competitions, attracting a wide audience on television. In 2009, approximately 40% of Canada’s population watched the game in 2014, close to 33%, reaching 5.1 million viewers in the fourth quarter.

Canadian Football Play in Schools, Colleges, and Universities

The Canadian Junior Football League, which was form on May 8, 1974, and the Quebec Junior Football League, 18-22.

There are leagues for players of all ages, with many posts competing for the Veneer Cup in secondary school U Sports Football. Great achievements in Canadian football are preserving at the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in Hamilton, Ontario.

The first documentary football match was a practice game on November 9, 1861, at University College, the University of Toronto. One of the participants in the game, which included students from the University of Toronto was Sir William Malcolm. A football club was set up at the university.

Early History

The first written statement of the game was made on October 15, 1862, at the Montreal Cricket Grounds. It was between the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards and the 2nd Battalion Scots Fossil Guards which resulted in the Grenadier Guards winning by 3 goals, 2 Rugs. In 1864, at Trinity College, Toronto, F. Barlow, Cumberland, Frederick A. Beethoven, and Christopher Gavin, one of the founders of Milton, Massachusetts, developed the rules for rugby football.

The game gradually gained importance with the formation of the Hamilton Football Club on November 3, 1869. The Montreal Football Club was form on April 8, 1872. The Toronto Argonaut Football Club was form on October 4, 1873, and the Ottawa Football Club on September 20, 1876. Of these, only the Toronto Club continues to operate today. Canada Football History.

Professional and managed (CFL)

Canadian football is a play on many levels in Canada. The top league is the professional nine-team Canadian Football League (CFL). The regular CFL season begins in June, and play-offs for the Gray Cup are complete by the end of November. Temperature and icy field conditions can seriously affect the outcome of the game.

Amateur Soccer Football is manage by Canada. At the university level, 27 teams under U Sports play in four conferences. The U Sports Champion is award the Veneer Cup. The Canadian Junior Football League has 18 junior teams competing for the Canadian Bowl in three divisions. The Quebec Junior Football League includes teams from Ontario and Quebec competing for the Manson Cup.

National Championship

Semi-professional leagues have grown in popularity in recent years. The Northern Football Conference was held in Ontario in 1954. The Ontario champion will play the Alberta champion for the “national championship.” The Canadian Major Football League is the governing body of the semi-professional game. Canada Football History.

Women’s soccer has gained traction in Canada in recent years. It was the first Canadian women’s league to launch the Maritime Women’s Football League in 2004. The largest women’s league is the Canadian Women’s Football League of the West.

Qualified for the World Cup

For the first time, Canada’s men’s soccer national team participated in the FIFA World Cup. Canada qualified after winning the 1985 CONCACAF Men’s Championship. In the World Cup qualifiers semi-finals, Canada posted three wins and a draw to top their group and advance to the next round. In the final round of the qualifiers, Canada posted two wins and two draws to stay ahead of Honduras and Costa Rica. Of the 15 CONCACAF teams that qualified for the qualifiers, only host Mexico and champion Canada qualified for the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico.

At the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, Canada lost their first match 0-1 to European champions France, scoring the only goal in the 79th minute. Opposition coach Henry Mitchell said: “You have to appreciate Canada’s resistance. In the next two matches, they lost 0-2 to Hungary and 0-2 to the Soviet Union.

Canada posted a win, a draw, and a loss in the group stage to advance to the quarterfinals.

Canada Football today

Football is Canada’s largest participating sport and the nation’s fastest-growing sport. About 850,000 football players are register in 144 districts with 1,500 clubs manage by 12 provincial and regional associations. For more details click here