The China national football team represents the People’s Republic of China in international association football and is managed by the Chinese Football Association. China Football history.

China won the EAFF East Asian Cup in 2005 and 2010, were runners-up in the AFC Asian Cup in 1984 and 2004, and made their only appearance at the FIFA World Cup in 2002, losing all matches without conceding a goal.
China’s first international representative match was organize by Philippine Athletic Association president Elwood Brown, who proposed the establishment of the Far Eastern Championship Games, a multi-sport event considered the forerunner of the Asian Games.

China National Football team

He invited China to participate in the inaugural 1913 Far Eastern Championship Games held in the Philippines, which included association football on the schedule. To represent them, it was decide that the football winner should have the honor of representing the country at the Chinese National Games in 1910, which won by the South China Football Club. Club founder and coach Mok Hung would become China’s first coach and in a single tournament game held in Manila on February 4, 1913, he led China to a 2–1 defeat against the Philippine national football team.

The political unrest of the Shanghai Revolution that affected China’s participation in the first tournament, particularly the naming of the team after the Republic of China national football team, did not prevent Shanghai from being award the 1915 Far Eastern Championship Games. . Once again the South China Football Club, now known as the South China Athletic Association, won the right to represent the nation.

Best Performance

In a two-legged playoff this time against the Philippines, China won the first game 1–0 and then drew the second 0–0 to win their first tournament. With the Games being the first and only regional football tournament for national teams outside the UK, China sought to establish itself as a regional powerhouse by winning a total of nine championships.

The Chinese Football Association was found in 1924 and then affiliated with FIFA for the first time in 1931. With these foundations, China sought to establish itself on the international stage and, along with Japan, were the first Asian teams to participate in football at the Summer Olympics. When he participated in the 1936 Summer Olympics held in Germany. China was knock out in their first game in the Round of 16 in the tournament when they were beat 2–0 by the Great Britain Olympic football team on 6 August 1936.

In 1937

On July 7, 1937, the Second Sino-Japanese War officially began, which saw relations between China and Japan end completely. Especially when it was announce that Japan would host the 1938 Far Eastern Championship Games. Which included the Japanese puppet states of Manchukuo and the Chinese-backed National Reorganization Government based in occupied Nanjing. But none of the top Chinese athletes participated in the Japanese Empire’s anniversary games. No games were officially recognize during the Second Sino-Japanese War. And after the war ended on 9 September 1945, China once again looked to the Olympics for international recognition.

In 1948

On 2 August 1948, China competed in football at the 1948 Summer Olympics where they were once again eliminated in the last sixteen. This time defeated by the Turkish national football team 4–0. When the players returned, they found the country in the midst of a Chinese civil war. When it ended, the team was split into two divisions, the People’s Republic of China national football team. And the Republic of China national football team.

In 1980

In 1980, China competed in the 1982 FIFA World Cup qualifiers for a berth in the 1982 World Cup. But lost the playoff game against New Zealand. However, Hong Kong secured a 2-1 upset win that led to riots inside and outside the stadium in Beijing. China again reached the final round during the 1990 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. They only missed out on qualifying as they conceded two goals in the last three minutes against Qatar in their final group match. During the 1994 FIFA World Cup qualifiers – when they were led by their first foreign manager, Klaus Schlapner. China failed to reach the final round of qualifying, finishing second behind Iraq.

In 1987

In 1987, the first Chinese footballers went abroad when future national team player Xie Yuxin joined FC Zwolle (Netherlands). And former national team player Gu Guangming joined SV Darmstadt 98 (Germany). In 1988, national team captain Jia Shiquan and striker Liu Haiguang joined FK Partizan (Yugoslavia).

FIFA World Cup

After failing to reach the 1998 FIFA World Cup, China appointed Serbian manager Bora Milutinovic as a national team coach, and China saw its fortunes rise. The country managed to finish fourth in the 2000 AFC Asian Cup. Where the Chinese team performed well and fell to heavyweights Japan and South Korea by just one goal.

A good performance in Lebanon boosted the Chinese team’s confidence. And in the 2002 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, China lost only one and drew only one, winning all remaining games, notably a crucial 1–0 win against Oman. , finally reached the final. The 2002 FIFA World Cup, his first and only World Cup, is the most recent. In the 2002 World Cup, China was eliminate after three matches without picking up a single point or scoring a goal during their participation in the tournament. China Football history.

Asia Cup

China hosted the 2004 AFC Asian Cup, losing to Japan 1–3 in the final match. The result of the match sparked anger among Chinese supporters, who rioted in response to the poor refereeing. There was an estimated 250 million viewers for the match. Which at the time was the largest single-event sports audience in the country’s history.

After winning the 2005 East Asian Football Championship with a 2–0 win over North Korea. They began qualifying for the 2007 AFC Asian Cup. During this time the team came under heavy media criticism and national embarrassment. When they managed to score only one goal. A penalty kick by Shao Jiayi in injury time, at home against Singapore, and only a draw with Singapore away. China Football history.

China best team

During the preparations for the 2007 AFC Asian Cup. The team spent weeks leading up to the tournament on a tour of the United States. While a 4–1 loss to the United States was not unexpect, a 1–0 loss to Real Salt Lake. A Major League Soccer team that had finished bottom of the league in the 2007 season, caused serious concern. Became
After high expectations, China’s performance at the tournament was met with online criticism. That condemned team members and even the association. After these performances, Zhu was later replace as manager by Vladimir Petrović. Some have commented that China’s reliance on foreign managers over the past decade is indicative of its poor domestic manager development. China Football history.

In June 2008, China failed to qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, losing at home to Qatar and Iraq. After the 2008 Summer Olympics, Petrovic was fire as manager, and Yin Tiesheng was announce as the team’s caretaker. For more details click here