The Croatia national football team has participated in the FIFA World Cup on five occasions (1998, 2002, 2006, 2014, and 2018) since gaining independence in 1991. Their best result so far was reaching 2018 final, where they lost 4–2 to France. Croatia Football history.

Croatian footballers played for the national teams of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1919–39) and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1945–92), although during political upheavals, ethnic Croatian sides occasionally formed to play unofficial matches. used to find A more hurried Croatian team managed by Hugo Kannert played a few matches in 1918–19.

In 1940

In 1940, Jozo Jakopic led an unofficial national team representing Croatia’s Banovina (part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia) in four friendlies against Switzerland and Hungary. After the invasion of the Axis powers, the Croatian Football Federation became active, joining FIFA on 17 July 1941, representing the Independent State of Croatia. Led by a Rudolph hat trick, the team played 15 friendly matches, 14 of which as FIFA members. Croatia’s first recorded result as a FIFA member was a 1–1 draw with Slovakia in Bratislava on 8 September. The Independent State of Croatia continued to play the match until 1945 and the end of World War II. When the People’s Republic of Croatia was formed as a component of the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia. From 1945 to 1956, unofficial Croatian teams were once again active.

In September 1945, state authorities organized a Yugoslav football tournament to commemorate the end of World War II. All the republics had their own national teams, with Croatia in third place behind the team representing the Yugoslav People’s Army and Serbia. Croatia also played against a Yugoslav team playing as Indonesia and Serbia. Yugoslavia’s squad at the 1956 Summer Olympics included Croatian footballers. As did Yugoslavia at the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship tournaments until 1990.

Government formation

The Yugoslav team fielded the Croatian contingent against the Faroe Islands on 16 May 1991, days before the Croatian independence referendum. An unofficial Croatian team was previously formed and played the team’s first modern international game. Against the United States at the Maksimir Stadium on 17 October 1990.

The match against the US team also saw the introduction of Croatia’s national jersey, inspired by the checkered design of the country’s coat of arms. Although Croatia was officially part of Yugoslavia until its declaration of independence on October 8, 1991. The team already served as a de facto national side. Croatia won two more friendlies under Jerković, against Romania in December 1990 and Slovenia in June 1991.

In 1992

On 3 July 1992, Croatia was readmitted to FIFA, playing their first official matches in the modern era against Australia in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney. The team was led by Stanko Poklepović as part of an international exhibition tour. Croatia finally gained admission to UEFA in June 1993. Which was too late for the national team to enter the 1994 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. As they had already started a year earlier. Markovic captained the team in just one match, a home win against Ukraine in June 1993. Before being sacked in February 1994 and replaced by Miroslav Blajevic the following month.

Before Croatia’s official independence, the team’s performance was not record by FIFA. So it fell to 125th in the world rankings. Blazevic led Croatia’s Euro 1996 qualifying campaign, starting with the country’s first competitive victory. Since independence, a 2–0 win over Estonia on 4 September 1994. Their first competitive defeat came on 11 June 1995 in a 1–0 away defeat against Ukraine. A single qualifying campaign. He eventually finished first in his qualifying group and won FIFA’s 1994 Mover of the Year award after moving up to 62nd in the rankings by the end of the year. Croatia Football history.

Official Foundation

Despite Croatia declared its independence in 1991, an unofficial Croatian team was form last year. The squad played three friendly matches against USA, Romania, and Slovenia, winning all three. It was also the first time Croatia played in their signature red and white checkered kits. Croatia Football history.
Croatia gained entry to UEFA in 1993, missing out on the 1994 World Cup qualifiers. He made his international debut in the Euro 1996 qualifying campaign, entering the FIFA world rankings ranked 125th. During these qualifiers, Croatia recorded their first official victory (Estonia, 2–0) and first defeat (Ukraine, 0–1). After finishing first in their group, they moved up to 62nd in the rankings. And secured their place at the European Championships.

FIFA World Cup 2018

Croatia struggled during the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, as evidenced by back-to-back defeats against Iceland and Turkey. Still, they managed to make it to the play-off round against Greece, which they easily won 4–1. As the tournament approached, various pundits began to compare the team in a positive light with the 1998 World Cup squad. Croatia proved they have competitive legs by finishing first in their group. Croatia Football history.

The knockout stage was a series of thrillers, with Croatia winning their first two matches on penalties against Denmark and Russia. The semi-final match against England did not achieve as much. As Mario Mandzukic’s late winner in extra time won the game. Croatia lost the final match to France 2-4, but that didn’t stop Modric from being name the best player of the tournament. For more details click here