In 1908, the German National Football team began in history. The German National Football team played 1st play against Switzerland in Basel. The German national football team is one of the most successful team has been winning four World Cups and three European Championships.
On 18 April 1897, an early international game was played on German soil in Hamburg when the selection team of the Danish Football Association defeated the selection team of the Hamburg-Altuna Football Association 5-0.

German Football Team 1st Play

Between 1899 and 1901, before the formation of the national team, there were five unofficial international competitions between different German and English selection teams, which ended in major defeats for all German teams. Eight years after the formation of the German Football Association (DFB), the first official match of the German national football team was played on April 5, 1908 in Basel against Switzerland, in which Switzerland won 5-3.

Coincidentally, the first match after World War I in 1920, the first match since World War II in 1950 when Germany was still banne from most international competitions, and the first match with former East German players in 1990 was against Switzerland.

The players were select by the DFB at the time, as there was no dedicated coach. The first manager of the German national team was Otto Neuers, a schoolteacher from Mannheim, who served in that capacity from 1926 to 1936. But in his first participation in the 1934 World Cup, he finished third. After a poor performance at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Sepp became a Harburger coach. In 1937 he assembled a squad that was soon rename Breslau Elf (Breslau Eleven) in recognition of which he won 8-0 against Denmark in the then German city of Breslau, Lower Silesia (now Wrocław, Poland). Was a victory.

Early History

After Austria became part of Germany in the Angles in March 1938, the country’s national team – one of the best teams in Europe at the time due to professionalism – was eliminate despite qualifying for the 1938 World Cup.

As need by Nazi politicians, five or six former Austrian players, from the clubs Rapid Vienna, Austria Vienna, and 1st Vienna FC, were order to stage a stage show of alliance for political reasons. I joined the All German team on short notice. In the 1938 World Cup, which began in France on June 4, the “United” German team took a 1-0 lead over Switzerland but drew only 1-1. German Football Team History.

World War II

During World War II, the team played more than 30 international games between September 1939 and November 1942, when the national team’s games were suspend because most of the players had to join the armed forces.

Many national team players, and even ethnic German players from other national teams, such as Ernest Wilimowski, came together under the auspices of Root Jagger under Coach Herberger through the efforts of a sympathetic Air Force officer who made footballers dangerous in wartime. Tareen was trying to escape from the service.

German Football Association

In 1900, the Association of German Football team was founded.

Before the Nazi occupation, many Jewish players represented the German team. Notable among them were Julius Hirsch, the first Jewish athlete to represent the national team, and Gottfried Fox. Who scored a record 10 goals in a single match for the Germans at the 1912 Olympics. However, after coming under Nazi control, the German Football Association erased Fuchs’ record between 1933 and 1945, the result of extreme nationalism. German Football Team History.

During the years of World War I, the Swiss helped the German team a lot. Switzerland was the first team to play against the Germans after World War I in 1920. Even after World War II, when the German team was banne from most international tournaments. Switzerland became a rival for the first time in 1950. The national team was disband during World War II because most of the players had to join the armed forces.

Three German Football Teams

Three new German teams – West Germany, East Germany, and Saarland – did not qualify for the 1950 World Cup. Saarland competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics and played in the 1953 World Cup qualifiers. Saarland merged with the Federal Republic of Germany in 1957.
East Germany was the only team to beat their Western counterparts in a tournament in the group stage of the 1974 World Cup campaign. The German team eventually won.

World Cup

The German team is one of the most successful national teams on the biggest stage of football. The team has won four world titles, a joint second with Italy, and one short of Brazil’s record five titles. He won world titles in 1954, 1974, 1990, and last 2014.

The team has also won second and third positions four times and has been in the fourth position once. The team has played in 19 of 21 tournaments and has failed to reach the quarterfinals only twice in its history. German Football Team History.

Euro Cup

Germany has won 3 European titles, the most with Spain. He won in 1972, 1980, and 1996. They participated in 12 European campaigns, 5 of which were as a West German team. They have also qualified for Euro 2020 and will host the 2024 European Championships.

Home Stadium

Germany plays its home matches between different stadiums, in rotation, all over the country. He has so far play home matches in 43 different cities. Including venues that were German at the time of the match. Such as Vienna, Austria, where three games were play between 1938 and 1942.

National team matches are often play (46 times) in Berlin’s stadium. Which was Germany’s first home match (against England in 1908). Other co-hosts include Hamburg (34 matches), Stuttgart (32), Hanover (28), and Dortmund. Another notable venue is Munich, which has hosted several notable matches in the entire history of German football. Including the 1974 FIFA World Cup final, which West Germany won against the Netherlands. For more details click here