The history of the Brazilian national football team began with the team’s first international match in 1914, in which they lost 0-3 to Argentina. Brazil played its first FIFA World Cup in 1930. Brazil’s national team has been successful throughout its history, winning the FIFA World Cup five times. History of Brazil Football.
It is generally believe that the opening game of the Brazilian national football team was in 1914 between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo’s select team and English club Exeter City at the Fluminense Stadium. Brazil won 2-0 with goals from Osvaldo Gomez and Usman, although it was claime that the match was a 3-3 draw.

Contrary to his future success, the initial performance of the national team was not excellent. Other early matches played during this period included several friendly matches against Argentina (3-0 defeat), Chile (first in 1916), and Uruguay (first on 12 July 1916). However, thanks to Arthur Friedrich’s goal-scoring abilities, he won the South American Championship at home in 1919, and again in 1922, repeated his victory at home.

1st Time Play Fifa World Cup

In 1930, Brazil played its first World Cup in Uruguay. The squad defeated Bolivia but lost to Yugoslavia. They lost in the first round to Spain in 1934 in Italy, but reached the semi-finals in France in 1938, eventually losing 2-1 to the winner, Italy.
The 1949 South American Championships in Brazil ended a 27-year streak without official honors. The last was in the 1922 South American Championship, which was also play on Brazilian soil.
Since then, Brazil gained international fame for the first time when it hosted the 1950 FIFA World Cup. The team went to the final game of the final round, against Uruguay at the Estádio do Maracanã in Rio. All they needed was a draw to win the World Cup. However, Uruguay won the match and the cup in a game known as “Maracanazu”. The match resulted in a period of national mourning.

For the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland, Brazil was then almost completely renovate. With the team’s colors changed (in Alder Schlie’s new design) from all-white to the yellow of the national flag. In blue and green, Maracanazu was forget. But there was still a group of star players. Brazil reached the quarter-finals, where they lost 4-2 to the tournament’s favorite Hungary in one of the ugliest matches in football history. Known as the Battle of Bern.

World Cup

The tournament consists of two parts, the qualification stage and the final stage. Which is officially call the World Cup finals. The qualifying phase, which currently takes place in three years before the finals, is use to determine which teams qualify for the finals. The current final format includes 32 teams vying for the title. At locations in the host country (or nations) over a period of about a month. The World Cup Finals is the most-watched sporting event in the world. With an estimated 1 billion people watching the final of the 2014 tournament. History of Brazil Football.

Brazil Successful Team

Brazil is the most successful national team in World Cup history, having won five titles, twice second, third, and fourth. So, Brazil is one of the few countries to win the FIFA World Cup. Brazil is the only national team to have played all editions of the FIFA World Cup without the need for an absence or playoffs. Brazil also has the best overall performance in the history of the World Cup. Both proportionate and absolute, with a record of 73 wins, 124 goals, 237 points, and 10 defeats in 109 matches. History of Brazil Football.

Traditionally, Brazil’s biggest rival is Argentina. The two countries have met four times in FIFA World Cup history, with Brazil winning two (West Germany 1974 and Spain 1982). Argentina (Italy 1990), and a draw (Argentina 1978).

Sweden is the country that has played the most against Brazil in the final: 7 times. With Brazil winning five and drawing two.

The other three historic rivals are Italy, which lost two World Cup finals against Brazil. And beat Brazil in two tournaments (France 1938 and Spain 1982), and France. Who knocked Brazil out on three occasions (Mexico 1986, France 1998). And Germany (2006) and the Netherlands, who beat Brazil in two of their five meetings (West Germany 1974 and South Africa 2010). And Brazil won the third-place match in 2014. For more details click here