Norway’s national football team represents Norway, the international football association. It is controlled by Norges Fotballforbund. It has participated in five FIFA World Cups, with the best result being third place in the 1950 World Cup in Sweden. Norway Football History.

The first example of a Norwegian football team was on October 20, 1908, as it was one of five teams to compete in the 1908 Summer Olympics in London. They will lose their first match against Sweden 8-0. The following tournament, which was the 1910 FIFA World Cup in Austria, will not be much better as the team lost 5-0 to Belgium in the first round of the competition.

1st International victory

They recorded their first international victory in the tournament, beating Austria 2-0. Later, with two more straight victories over the Russian Empire and Denmark, they qualified for the Olympic final against the Olympic champions in the Netherlands. For Norway, that would be where it ended, they set a silver medal by losing 6-0 to the Dutch.

The following year, he played in the first qualifier in FIFA World Cup history as he competed against Finland. This match will also be the first match to be played with a replay as Sverre Andersen scored the winner and booked Norway’s place in the World Cup.

Competing against Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands in Group C. Norway will finish second in the group after a 5-0 defeat to the Netherlands. But wins against Austria and Germany gave Norway a place in the knockout stage. Where they will lose 4-3 to Denmark, which some will later classify as a match of the tournament.

Olympics in 1920

In the next tournament of the 1920 Summer Olympics, Norway reached the semi-finals with victories. Against Britain and Czechoslovakia before losing to the Dutch. He will go on to record his first Nordic football championship title in 1924, two years later, ahead of Finland. The following year did not go well as the Nordic Championship was also qualifying for the 1926 FIFA World Cup.

1930 FIFA World Cup

Qualifying for the 1930 FIFA World Cup meant that the team was place in Group 5.1 with Sweden, Estonia, and Lithuania to compete against the winners of the other group. Will For Norway, this meant that they could easily qualify for the final round. After passing two Baltic states by ten. The final round included Denmark and the Soviet Union, who qualified through Group 5.2. They will advance to the World Cup after an early 1-1 stumping block against the Soviet Union. Before Denmark and Sweden secured their way.

In the World Cup, Norway is placed in Group D along with Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, and debutant Paraguay. After a 2-0 win over Paraguay in the opening game, a 2-1 defeat to Czechoslovakia and a 1-0 defeat to Switzerland will not suffice as the team finished third in the group and was eliminate. However, after the tournament, they will win their third consecutive Nordic Championship, this time beating Denmark.

After World War II

After World War II, Norway will win the first two editions of the post-war Nordic Football Championship in 1946 and 1949. During this time, he also topped his qualifying group for the 1950 FIFA World Cup in Sweden. Beyond Belgium and Turkey.

Due to a draw in Group B, they lost 3-2 to Uruguay in the opening match and Jamaica lost 6-0 to Hans Anderson and Gunnar Thorsen in doubles. Anderson and Thorsen will continue with a 2-1 win over the Netherlands in the remaining two games of the group, followed by two draws against Austria.

Qualified for the Knockout

This means that for the first time in forty years, Norway has qualified for the knockout stages of the World Cup. His opponent is Brazil. For Norway, a goal from both sides of the half by Ragnar Hvidsten and Villy Anderson was enough to make it to the semi-finals for the first time.

However, their race will end in the semi-finals with a 3-0 defeat to the final champion in Sweden. Harry Carlson will score the only goal for Norway in the third-place playoffs as they beat France by one goal. Norway Football History.

UEFA Euro 2020

For UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying, Norway was draw into a challenging group with favorites Spain and Sweden. After an early defeat against Spain and a 3-3 draw with Sweden, both teams scored in stoppage time. However, the results deteriorated. The next game was a 2-2 draw with Romania.

Although subsequent victories over the Faroe Islands and Malta, Norway drew only 1-1 with Sweden. The next two games, against Spain and Romania, also ended in a 1-1 draw, with Norway equalizing on stoppage time on both occasions. Later victories over the Faroe Islands and Malta were not enough. And Norway was out of the top two in the group, which qualified automatically. Norway Football History.

Norway reached the playoffs thanks to their performance in the League of Nations, where they won their group. In the playoffs, Norway drew against Serbia in the semi-finals, where, despite a late draw. They later lost in extra time, resulting in a loss to qualify for Euro 2020.

2022 FIFA World Cup

Norway made a positive start to its 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, Gibraltar assured. However, group rivals Turkey then suffered a heavy 3-0 defeat. After the victory over Montenegro, and then the group favorite drew 1-1 with the Netherlands. Latvia and Gibraltar then won, but the points fell after a 1-1 draw with Turkey. Although a 2-0 victory over Montenegro revived Norway’s campaign. It ended in a disappointing 0-0 draw with Latvia, at a time when three teams in the group (Norway, the Netherlands, and Turkey) Were very close to the points. For more details click here